Lois has a very kind spirit and is always positive . Her receptivity to peoples needs is a fruit of her care and ability listen with a compassionate heart.
Fr. Andrew Seba

Parochial Vicar of Holy Martyrs Chaldean Catholic Church

Lois Shulman has been a volunteer with the Lakeshore Long Term Care Ombudsman program since 2013.

The Ombudsman program strives to improve the quality of care and quality of life experienced by residents who reside in licensed long term care facilities.

Currently, Lois visits two homes in Oakland County.  Within these homes some of the services Lois performs include:  explaining to residents all of their rights, empowering residents to communicate concerns, advocating for and assisting residents in resolving these concerns.

Lois continues to display compassion, integrity, and a strong desire to help others during each of her nursing home visits.  Residents look forward to her return.

The Ombudsman program is fortunate to have Lois as a volunteer as she is able to use her skills to promote better care and a better quality of life for the residents whose lives she touches.

Mary Katsarelas, MPA, LBSW

Long Term Care Ombudsman, Oakland County - Lakeshore Legal Aid

Lois Shulman is a loving, compassionate, heart centered woman. She is passionate about helping others. Professionally, Lois possesses excellent listening skills,  intelligence, insightfulness and wisdom. I deeply value her integrity, discernment and non-judgmental nature. Lois Shulman brings her knowledge, vast life experience  and is gifted with a unique,  natural ability, to coach and empower others.
Ginger B. Wiechers

Executive Director of S.O.U.L

It has been my pleasure to know Lois Shulman for over 30 years. Lois is a sincere and compassionate person who cares deeply about others. She is a wonderful listener and a person who understands and has worked with all types of diverse people. I believe she has the skills and perspective to help empower people to become the best version of themselves.

Cindy Hughey

Executive Director - Lester & Jewell Morris Hillel Jewish Student Center

It is my pleasure to recommend Lois for a position as an empowerment coach. As a pastor of one of Lois couple friend for the past three years, I have witnessed the exceptional contributions that Lois has made to our church community. Not only is she an excellent and hard-working person, but she has dedicated herself to enriching the lives of church leaders and members around her. Lois is truly special for her compassion and commitment to helping others.

Lois has committed herself specifically to combatting loneliness by availing herself to help some of our church members through counsel and advice to help them feel welcomed and oriented in a new environment. In the effort to continue doing so, Lois has helped bring meaningful connections between our members and some resourceful people and services in the community, held  small group events, and led campaigns about the devastating effects of not having proper information in various aspects of life. While she started out with some hesitation, she has since grown to have a powerful voice in our church community, helping those in need of counsel or advice.

Lois plans to expand her work beyond the small church setting and would like to work in the field of counseling, social work, or non-profits as long as it involves being of help onto others through advice or guidance. Her human qualities are especially impressive in listening and caring for others. Those who have had the opportunity to work with Lois describe her as an insightful, sensitive, perceptive, and diligent person. Lois’ efforts combatting loneliness and proving others with an opportunity to be empowered through her counsel and advice will continue to nurture our members’ well-being long after she’s moved to other endeavors.

Lois has my enthusiastic recommendation. She is a kind, compassionate, intelligent, and strong person who has a clear sense of direction and purpose. I am confident that she will bring the same warmth, support, insight, and hard work to her new work environment and social community. Please do not hesitate to contact me for any further information.

Pastor Albert Iwondo

White Stone Christian Center Church