Empowerment Coach

An Empowerment Coach gives one the opportunity to realize and embrace their strengths while growing their confidence.

What you can expect from your appointment

  • You will have the option to complete a helpful information form or to bring it with you completed from the website
  • You will be welcomed to sit in a warm, quiet and comfortable office
  • Our time together will be one hour
  • You will decide if you prefer me to listen deeply or provide advice and counsel
  • I may suggest wonderful ways to enhance our sessions by recommending specific books, journaling or dancing in the rain
  • You will have the option to fill out an Information Form – Click Here

As an empowerment coach I promise

  • You will be listened to
  • You will be heard
  • You will be appreciated
  • Your strengths will be recognized
  • Your will receive the gift of gratitude for sharing your story
  • You will receive confidentiality.

It is my pleasure to make appropriate connections and referrals when opportunity arises.


Nourish the world by recognizing each human being with gratitude.


Empower others developing the ability to recognize and embrace their strengths, learn the practice of forgiveness and feel content. Ultimately, to live fully empowered to give more to the world.


Self Reflection

Mirror work helps to recognize and embrace your strengths.